On the Roof Film Festival 2015: CONDUCTA



Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV AMSTERDAM, Main building, 16th floor.

On the Roof Film Festival 2015: CONDUCTA

VU theology professor and GroenLinks politician Ruard Ganzevoort with our host Niña Weijers.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Profileringsthema: Connected World



Nieuw: Component

On The Roof Film Festival starts monday with the film Conducta, a heart-warming classroom drama which was not only a huge hit in Cuba, but was also well-received internationally, as attested to by the many awards the film has garnered at a wide range of film festivals worldwide.


(Check out the complete programme of the On The Roof Film Festival here.)     
17.00 Roof open: drinks, food, and dj sessions        
Menu of the day: A warm tortilla wrap with Cuban chickpeas, ham, lettuce, cheese and pepper sauce. (Vegetarian: Warm wrap with quorn, lettuce, macademia nuts, cheese and pepper sauce).

20.15 Introductory talk       Ruard GanzevoortNina Weijers
Conversation between host Niña Weijers and theology professor, GroenLinks politician and film enthusiast Ruard Ganzevoort about traditional values. Are they an obstacle to self-development or a source of inspiration?      

20.45 Break

21.00 Screening of Conducta (Ernesto Daranas, Cuba):
Aging teacher Carmela, a role beautifully played by Alina Rodríguez, has a soft spot for children from broken families, children who grow up in poverty, in short, children who are struggling.

Chala, for instance, an 11-year-old troublemaker who provides for his drug- and alcohol-addicted mother by training dogs for illegal dogfights and by doing other odd jobs. After yet another incident, the head teacher wants to expel Chala from school, but Carmela comes to the boy’s defence.

This, however, brings her into conflict with the school board and she is threatened with suspension: the ongoing conflict between the modernization of education and the keeping of traditional values. Conducta is not a political pamphlet, although director Ernesto Daranas does depict several social wrongs, such as poverty, prostitution and drug addiction. Above all, the film is a passionate and authentic plea for understanding and compassion, due to the subtle script, written by Daranas himself, the excellent acting and the remarkable camera work.
Runtime: 108 min

FILM AND FOOD: 19 euro. 
FILM: 12.50 euro.

Students, Staff and members VUvereniging:
FILM AND FOOD: 17.50 euro. 
FILM: 11 euro.